Unspoken words of love

Una novela de Lis Meler traducida por Blanca De La Rosa.

Elena thrived as a businesswoman in a male-dominated industry, prioritizing her career advancement over her personal relationships. However, an unexpected event during a routine business trip abruptly disrupted Elena's successful trajectory, changing her life forever.
The management she had trusted and expected to always support her confronted her, leaving her in shock. The once warm and welcoming environment now felt cold and hostile, as she stood face to face with the very people she believed would protect her. In a split second, her career ended.
Following the confrontation, Elena seeks solace in the house, where she spent her summer days as a youth. During her stay, Elena receives an enigmatic letter urging her to reconnect with her past. A past that had always been at the forefront of her mind now seems to pave the way for her future. She felt like a puppet in the hands of destiny.

Novela Romántica
  • Castellano
8,50 €
167,84 MX$9,11 US$7,18 £

Sobre Lis Meler (Escritor)

  • Lis Meler
    Lis Meler nació en Barcelona en 1973. Licenciada en Historia del Arte por la Universidad de Barcelona, estudió el último año de carrera en Francia. Al regresar a su ciudad natal, cursó un máster de Comunicación y Nuevas Tecnologías en la misma Universidad. Su vida laboral se ha m... Ver más sobre el autor

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