Looking for you (desperately)

A different love story

A tormented man, an indecipherable woman, a lonely journey caused by an existential crisis aboard an old '66 Cadillac Deville that devours miles and places while the music surrounds everything... A mosaic composed of a university professor with the soul of a predator sexual orientation, disenchanted and also naive prostitutes, devoted parents and others who did not know how to be, defeated businessmen, bikers, the Sioux chief Caballo Loco, lost twenty-something women, indigenous people, perplexed elderly people, a perversely innocent girl and also ghosts that remind us with their mere presence The limits of existence accompanies our protagonist until an end that is nothing more than the return to his own beginning.

Searching for you desperately is a novel of feelings, reflections and forbidden passions where the mistakes made do not always have the consequences that one might expect.

Novela Romántica
  • Castellano
8,50 €
167,84 MX$9,11 US$7,18 £

Sobre Victor Ortigosa Rojas (Escritor)

  • Victor Ortigosa Rojas
    Víctor Ortigosa (Málaga, 1971). Licenciado en Derecho, empresario del transporte por tradición, desde siempre disfrutó juntando una palabra tras otra, una frase tras otra, un pensamiento tras otro. Justo ahora, en este tiempo incierto y distópico, también maldito, del covid19 y e... Ver más sobre el autor

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