Lea and the faboulous world of bees

Rita is a very special bee who comes looking for help. She chooses Lea, a seven-year-old girl, to help her spread the word about the life of bees, the dangers they face and the work they do. To do this, when she sleeps, she turns her into a bee and, together, they live great adventures, which little by little reveal the fabulous world of bees.

Enter this adventure where, not only will you get involved in unexpected adventures, you will also learn about the life of these admirable insects. You will know how they make honey, how they collect and transport pollen, how they breed, how they make honeycombs?

When you know them, you will start to love them; and it will be then when you will want to combat the dangers that lurk in them.
Exciting, fun and educational, this work will delight young and old, because it reveals the life of one of the most wonderful beings that inhabit the planet.

Cuento Infantil
  • English
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Sobre José Garrido Villanueva (Escritor)

  • José Garrido Villanueva
    José Garrido Villanueva nació en Peñascosa, pueblo de la Sierra de Alcaraz en la provincia de Albacete. Al año siguiente de su nacimiento, su familia se traslada al vecino municipio de Vianos donde ha vivido toda su vida. Tras completar los estudios primarios, comenzó a trabajar ... Ver más sobre el autor

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