3MGH Mireia disappeared

«Reading 3MGH Mireia Desaparecida is entering a frenetic story where kidnappings, drug trafficking, the deep internet, hackers and hitmen will find their Achilles heel when they come face to face with Sergeant Borrás»

Frantic. Only 48 hours to solve such a strange case...

Mireia, a teenager who is on a study trip to Mallorca, disappears without a trace.

Civil Guard sergeant Antonia Borrás will be chosen to investigate the case that a priori appears to be a disappearance for sexual reasons.

When Antonia takes the reins of the case she will face a dark world of hackers on the deep internet, millions of dollars in Bitcoin, hitmen and drug cartels involved in a case where there is no way to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

No one is totally innocent, nothing is what it seems and the sergeant will learn that if she wants to solve the case she must base her logic on the principle of Ockham's razor.

Frantic. Only 48 hours to solve a case so strange that it will hook you and you will want "one more chapter"

Majorca. You will walk around this island where more things are hidden than what meets the eye. In addition to its beautiful beaches, you will discover a world of organized crime that travels between real life and cyberspace.

A woman at the head of the investigation. This novel breaks with the scheme of the male detective and shows us a strong woman who you wouldn't want to risk, astute, intuitive and rebellious who will not give up her efforts to find Mireia alive.

  • Castellano
8,50 €
165,81 MX$9,26 US$7,16 £

Sobre Tomás Moscardó Gambín (Escritor)

  • Tomás Moscardó Gambín
    Tomás Moscardó nació en Murcia aunque reside desde niño en Palma de Mallorca. Fundador de dos revistas deportivas, Webesport y Basquetbalear, comparte desde muy joven la afición de su padre por leer las novelas del oeste de Marcial Lafuente Estefanía. Un Yankee en la corte del re... Ver más sobre el autor


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