Catálogo de Angels Fortune [Editions]

Catálogo de Angels Fortune [Editions]

  • Gold Beach

    Gold Beach

    A secret that will change his life

    Isabel Montes Ramírez

    Elisabeth has kept her great secret locked in a trunk for years. When her son Philip finds it and begins reading the diary his mother has be...
  • Pursuing a better tomorrow

    Pursuing a better tomorrow

    Blanca De La Rosa

    Although her origins lie in the village of Nocedo del Valle, in the region of Galicia, Blanca De La Rosa was born in Dominican Republic in t...
  • The Prietov file

    The Prietov file

    José Luis Laso Fernández

    A trepidant story about technologic spies in which world a developer was involved in a big software production company. After his stay in Br...